Anne Arundel County
      Internet Tax Sale Application

Help Screen for Tax Sales Property List Report

Export to EXCEL:
  • If EXCEL does not open:
  • Choose browser option to save file in download folder.
  • Rename to exportExcel.xls.
  • Double-click exportExcel.xls to open in EXCEL.

Account Number Display in EXCEL:
  • Select entire Column A by clicking at the top in EXCEL.
  • Right Click on column A and select Format Cells.
  • Select Number on Number Tab.
  • Change decimal places to 0.
  • Click OK button.
  • Account Number will display as it did on the report.

Search Box:   
  • Search is performed each time a character is entered.
Report Sorting:   
  • Primary sort of report is by account number.
  • You can change sort order by clicking on up and down arrows within the title column of any field.